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I read today that McDonalds are considering the launch of a vegan burger in the UK market (there already is one in Germany). The reason is to keep up with their competitors who are addressing the growing desire from consumers for plant based food/meals. A spokesperson has reportedly said, “we are keeping a close eye of this space”

There are also countless other fast food companies, brands and supermarkets who are creating products to capitalise on the rising number of people who are switching to a plant based lifestyle.

Some people choose to go plant based for health and nutritional reasons, others for animal welfare and environmental reasons and many for both. The motivation to change is driven by a personal desire to make life better for themselves and the planet.

It’s interesting to me that many businesses are looking to cash in on this trend by creating versions of food that has been popular in recent years i.e. fast food, ready made meals, microwaveable dinners etc. As we all know, many of those foods are not healthy as they contain high levels of sugar, salt and the “wrong kind” of fats. These new versions of burgers, sausage rolls and TV dinners may be plant based in that they don’t contain meat, yet they often still have unhealthy additions and are processed.

Adopting a plant based lifestyle (often called vegan) involves eating no meat or dairy and mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes/pulses in their wholefood, natural state

There are no additives in a cauliflower and nature hasn’t felt the need to meddle with what she created; no hydrogenated fat in an avocado and no corn syrup in a peach.

So why do we feel the need to create versions of what is already perfect?

Yes there is the whole thing around preserving food but if you buy local and fresh you don’t need to add stuff to preserve the food.

We can learn a big lesson from nature for ourselves.

Each one of us was created as a unique soul. There are no other versions of you anywhere, on purpose.

So I find it curious as to why we often feel the need to create versions of ourselves to fit the external world, passing fads, other people’s opinions and certain situations. We are all already perfect in our natural, raw state.

Yes it’s important to be aware of our external world and behave in nuanced ways to build relationships, get work done and contribute to the collective but why do we often feel the need to create unhealthy versions of ourselves? I want to know and understand you, the real you not a manufactured, processed, full of additives version of you and I’d love for you to know and understand the real me too.

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