“We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are.” Tobias Wolff.

We are only a few days in from the launch of my blog and my experiment in exploration and learning is already reaping “opportunities”

As some of you have experienced, as I have too, there were a few tekkie anomalies and issues with the blog site.

I apologise for any frustration this has caused.

The challenge with a – just get it out there – mindset is that not everything may work as hoped for.

So already I am learning acceptance to what is.

  • I know there were issues – I am not a tekkie person so had to rely on others to use their talent to discover and fix the issues.
  • I am aware some people might have given up when the site didn’t play ball – I can’t control that.
  • I believe that all the teething issues will be resolved and all will be fine.

I accept what is AND at the same time, will play my part in helping when and with what I can; that’s all I can do.

  • I could get annoyed and irritated
  • I could feel worried and concerned.
  • I could play the victim.
  • I could get stressed.

None of which would impact the zeros and ones (if that’s even what’s wrong!) and the mysterious workings of the blog site.

So I choose to

  • Be accepting
  • Be calm
  • Play my part
  • Believe the people who choose to ride the bumpy start with me are truly with me.
  • Keep writing

“It is in the everyday and the commonplace that we learn patience, acceptance and contentment.” Richard J Foster

Now honestly – I’m not at contentment yet – but with a warm cup of tea and your positive vibes to the tekkie gods – I’m sure I’ll get there.

What can you accept as is today and relax a little bit more?


  1. Helena Holrick
    18th March 2019

    yes yes yes…. i hear you hunny. My mantra for the year is this: Find a way.
    the implication for me is this: I can approach it however I want to. But I need to find a way to get the thing happening I want happening, and that can be with push, or it can be with patience. Which as it happens is what I (finally?) realised is what I help my clients do. Love this, because in my world, acceptance really is one of the keys to life.

    • Beverley Hamilton
      18th March 2019

      I’m realising – slowly – that often patience is what will move things forward and not striving or pushing or wanting – some lessons I’m slow to learn

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