An Experiment in Experiencing

Last week, I enjoyed 3 days in the peaceful Somerset countryside at a “channelling extravaganza”.
Yes, I know; me doing a channelling extravaganza! – what a shift, what a revelation, what has happened to Bev?

What is channelling?

Like many things, channelling can be defined in many ways. I like to think of it as a spectrum of communication. For some it’s simply about communicating with your intuition, your inner voice and your senses. For others it’s about communicating with higher vibrational beings and for others it’s about channelling wisdom from ascendant masters by allowing them to communicate through your energy and voice. This latter experience is enlightening and wonderful to see and has made me a believer, through seeing and hearing for myself someone do this so naturally.

As I continue to work with my intentions of – be healthy in mind, body and soul and experience life in new ways, I decided to step into exploring my intuition and connecting to myself and the Universe in different ways. (For more on this and intentions read this blog From Resolutions to Intentions to Actions,)

Revelations – I had 3

  1. When I let go and surrender to an experience I feel calm and unfettered.
  2. Non attachment to “getting it right” is soooooooo liberating.
  3. I have a growing respect and trust for my intuition.

For those of you who meditate, practice yoga or are already channelers, none of these revelations will be surprising.

But for those of you who, like me, are recovering over thinkers, need to knowers or borderline skeptics, these revelations might be surprising and even enlightening.

I guess I’ve grown to a place where if I want a different experience of life, I need to experience life in different ways.

I’ve been too absorbed and attached to thinking about, reading about, investigating or talking about activities, actions or outcomes I want, without really committing to doing “the thing” or being “a way” that will could give me a different experience.

So experiencing is my new experiment.

Last week my intention was simply about looking to tap into those feelings I’m learning not to ignore. Sometimes it’s that niggling voice in my head, other times it’s a feeling in my gut and in other instances it’s just a sense.

My experience was at times emotional but always peaceful. I didn’t have an out of body or even an in body experience. I didn’t sense messages or energy from higher vibrational beings nor did I consciously feel any downloads from another realm.

What I did feel was a deeper sense of wanting to and being willing to trust myself through focusing on and surrendering to my senses and “trying” to get out of my own thinking mind whilst not being over critical if I didn’t “get it”.

We all have those voices and senses available to us all of the time. I wonder why we often dismiss, ignore or are fearful of listening to them in favour of our analytical “sensible” mind?

I’m curious to experiment more with integrating the knowing in my mind, with the feelings in my body to the sensing in my soul.

I’ve no idea (yet) how it will help me experience life in different ways, I simply trust it will. And maybe that simple process means I am experiencing life in different ways already?

How could you explore your intuition and experience life in new ways?


  1. Keith Lawton
    12th April 2019

    Bev, great revelations. One thing I consciously do (not enough, maybe?) to help me “tune in” to my channel is micro-meditations. When changing task, or setting the intent to begin/do/achieve/complete a project, I close my eyes, slow my breathing, and visualize the meaning of this task. This and can be very powerful in aligning thought, mind, and energy together. Once familiar with the process it doesn’t take long to conjure an image of the meaning ahead.

  2. Beverley Hamilton
    12th April 2019

    Keith – I love the idea of micro meditations to tune in – thanks

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