Baggage – Conditions of Carriage

Many of us are familiar with the joys of flying; not like Harry Potter and friends, although wouldn’t that be fun? Nimbus 2000 anyone?

The joy of having hand luggage versus checking in larger suitcases and all that that entails. The amount of baggage we can take varies by airline and class of travel and is detailed in the conditions of carriage.

I’m amused (well, not really but I’m trying to reframe some language) that when those conditions of carriage don’t always mean my luggage will be on the same flight as I am nor arrive in the condition that it was when I checked it in. But before I veer off down a dead end rant….

The luggage we need is directly linked to what we will need for our trip. For a ski trip to the Alps I would need different clothing and equipment compared to a trip where all I would be doing is making use of luxury hotel pool and spa in the South of France!

The 10 t-shirts I often pack for a summer holiday are rarely all used along with extra clothes “just in case”. This means that I frequently take too much of what I don’t really need and not enough of or the wrong kind of what I do need.

I’ve been thinking about the luggage or baggage I mentally and emotionally carry round with me everyday. Again too often I carry too much of what I don’t need.

I want to become a better packer. I don’t need…

  • The what if’s and yes buts that delay my actions – that’s just about fear on some level
  • The stories of my past – boy are those heavy!
  • The future thoughts based on mostly fear that crush the joy of surprises
  • Pointless battles in my mind about things that don’t really matter

I want to pack more…

  • Joy, grace and possibility – no matter the weather.
  • Wouldn’t it be great ifs…?
  • Courage and an adventurous mindset
  • Yes I can, yes we can and why not now?

My conditions of carriage are to travel light in heart, mind, body and soul and to enjoy that lightness just as I enjoy taking my overnight bag out of the overhead locker and make a quick airport exit.

I know I’ll slip up and occasionally pack the wrong thing or forget something and that’s OK. I have many more journeys to practice on.

  • What are your conditions of carriage?
  • What baggage are you carrying too much of?
  • How can you travel lighter?

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