Choice – It’s ours to make every day

What will I do?
Who will I be?
How will I show up?

What choices will I make?

Tea or coffee, champagne or a beer?
Frittata and salad or fish and chips?
Walk or swim, run or cycle?

What choices will I make?

Tell it like it is or hold my tongue?
React and engage or stay silent and reflect?
Be true to myself or play to the truth of others?

What choices will I make?

Let my heart sing or stay stuck in stuff?
Make joy my focus or allow discouragement to rule me?
Find gratitude in everything or nit pick the small stuff?

What choices will I make?

Life is ours to live
We get to make choices every minute of every day
What choices will you make today?


  1. ruthvant
    10th June 2019

    test comment let me know if you receive confirmation as it is still set for this

  2. Michelle
    17th June 2019

    I don’t normally comment on things but today I’m inspired by this blog and I choose to! I read your first blog and then just kept reading. I haven’t read them all, I’ve jumped ahead now and picked titles that called to me. Freedom and choice are big life values for me too and something I am working on choosing and embracing. So many of your posts are resonating with me. I am going through some big energy/life shifts and it is reaffirming to know that others are too, that it is all part of the ‘bigger plan.’ It has given me faith to keep going and choose not to react to or internalise the judgement, or perceived judgment, of others in my choices. Being truly true to yourself is a difficult thing to do with years of conditioning. Releasing these ‘false’ values imposed upon us and also letting go of the hangovers of previous lifetimes is definitely what we are here to do. CLEAR is the word (Is the word!) Clearing of physical, emotional and spiritual ‘baggage.’ Clear meaning clarity or light – we are all being called back toward the light, toward source. It is liberating to accept this and to listen to myself and write what I am guided to write by a power bigger than myself. I am listening. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey and, in doing so, supporting others to seek their truth. Much love and light xxx

  3. Beverley Hamilton
    17th June 2019

    Michelle, Thanks for sharing your insight. Choice is really all we have every day we have thousands of choices and the more conscious we can be about those choices the more clarity I believe we can have and focus on the present and future rather than the baggage of the past where it no longer serves us. The truth is in there x

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