Exploration is the First Step to (Self) Discovery.

I find ideas come to me reasonably easily. I would even say that’s a strength of mine. What I find a challenge is bringing those ideas into the world so they realise their value.

You could say I’m a thinker and I need buddies who are doers.

There’s fun for me in having someone say, what could we do? how could we make that work? what if…?

I love letting my imagination roam free, wander off, go down side paths, explore the unknown and then discover a gem of an idea that could make a difference – on any level and for anything – if only it were polished or reshaped so it sparkled for those in need of a solution or insight.

I’m also a learner but I’m not really a studier. I love to learn almost in any context or about any subject. I’ve learnt what continues to interest me and where I might choose to learn more. If I’m not initially curious, “Hmm, that’s new, I wonder what that’s about?” I would never have discovered my interests.

Exploration is the first step to discovery.

I know I love travel, adventure, country music, spirituality, hiking, skiing and eating out. I also enjoy going to the theatre and cinema and reading. I also know I wouldn’t invest any more time on certain topics or hobbies like knitting, hip hop or computer programming. I’ve also learnt that it’s OK to love what I love and ignore what doesn’t interest me.

I’ve become non-judgmental with myself. OK that’s not 100% true but I’m certainly a lot less judgemental than I’ve been in the past.

The days of Should I like X because other people do? or Why don’t I like Y when it seems to be the latest thing? are getting fewer.

I’m OK watching Gilmore Girls, NCIS and West Wing repeats. I’m equally OK listening to Oprah’s podcast, watching TED talks, cooking chilli, drinking tea, eating very large ice cream sundaes and reading leadership development books.

I’m equally OK not liking traditional jazz (very clever but the cacophony is too much for my ears) rap music (again very clever but too much choice language and depressing lyrics) and celery – well we just won’t go there!

As humans we all have talents, gifts, likes and dislikes. Rather than judge whether they are good, bad, right, wrong or get into an internal or external dialogue of “I should” “I ought to” or “really!!” – we can choose to accept. It’s simpler and after all it’s your life.


  1. 16th March 2019

    Great thoughts Bev. I think curiosity is key here and both you and I spend time just being curious about things, that’s a learned skill and one that is far too uncommon. So often in that exploration, the insights of self that allow us to grow can be found.

    I have to disagree about Traditional Jazz and wonder whether what *really* sets you on edge is the free jazz spirit that emerged in the 1960s and which seems to my ears to have broken the connection with harmony and tempo in ways that jar significantly. Just curious!

    • Beverley Hamilton
      18th March 2019

      Thanks for your thoughts William. I’ve just written another post focused on curiosity triggered by your comment – watch out for that.

  2. Helena Holrick
    18th March 2019

    I love ‘I’m a thinker and need buddies who are doers’ – that resonates to a degree…. for me but also those I work with and those I choose to hang out with. We love to think deeply. More and more I am realising that doing has it’s own reward, and that I’m learning to do more. I’m so inspired by this ‘thinking on the page’ that you are doing, the out loud thinking that helps you to make sense of the journey you are on is helping me to remember mine. x

    • Beverley Hamilton
      18th March 2019

      Glad you’re being helped Helena. Thinking out loud and thinking on the page are really helping me too.

  3. Glenna
    28th June 2019

    Hi Bev,
    Well, I am reading this post in June, right after my birthday and an impulse to see what you were up to with the blog sent me looking for your original email with the link.
    This post drew my imagination and I love the piece about judgments and being okay with our own likes and dislikes – shifting my locus of control internally rather than looking outside for my guidance. Though I admit that there is some dance of dynamic balance that feels important for me to stay in touch with so I don’t become too self-referential and end up ‘talking to myself’. 🙂 Enjoying reconnecting with your words and you.

  4. Beverley Hamilton
    1st July 2019

    HI Glenna, Thank you for sharing how the blog drew your imagination. I agree, and often struggle with the dance of focusing on myself to own who am I being and not letting that shift into self importance or self indulgence AND still taking conscious account of my external world – in which I have to live. Please do continue to share your thoughts. x

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