I Know that, and yet…

The headline in one of this week’s daily newspapers read “Proof obesity kills: study of 2.8million Britons shows it can raise risk of an early death by 50%”

I read that and thought “I know that and yet…” my lifestyle isn’t where I’d like it to be. Now I’m not obese although I’m probably carrying @15-20lbs more than is healthy for me, or that I feel comfortable with. There‘s more I can do to sustain a truly healthy approach to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

There are so many things that I know and yet don’t consistently practice. I wonder what gets in my way of practicing what I know ALL of the time? I don’t need more surveys and research to inform me about what a healthy lifestyle needs to consist of. I don’t need to read more or learn more; I know sufficient to lead a healthy lifestyle.

That headline got me thinking about all the things we know yet don’t do.

  • We know how to eat well and what foods are not good for us.
  • We know that having a restful sleeping pattern and unplugging from the busy lives we lead are important.
  • We know that moving our bodies at regular intervals, doing some strength work and doing something 2-4 times a week that increase our heart rate is going to keep us healthy.
  • We know that treating people with respect at work is the right thing to do.
  • We know that our places of work and businesses should be environments where people can show up, do great work that they love and are good at, have continuous development opportunities and get fairly rewarded.
  • We know that we should have conversations that matter with our friends, family and work colleagues and be courageous to address concerns as they arise.
  • We know we are worthy of love and belonging and so is everyone else.
  • We know that we should protect our environment and treat all living things with care.

We know all of this and yet we often forget. Why don’t we do what we know?

Imagine if we did.

  • Healthier happier lives
  • Healthier and happier work places
  • Healthier and happier society
  • Healthier and happier planet

Is it really so hard? Well often it appears so or at least we just forget.

I can now admit that I’m writing this is one of my favourite cafes accompanied by, yes you guessed it, a coffee and a slide of lemon and ginger crunch. Whilst I’m enjoying it, there is also that nagging inner voice saying – you know better and yet…


  1. 7th May 2019

    So true. About 18 months ago I decided to address that very issue. Awareness (and supporting data) are important motivators for me, and I knew that change had to be gradual, habituated, and fun. Knowing what to do isn’t enough, knowing how to do it matters too. I track my exercise (swimming once a week and walking most days) and my weight without judgement on either when things slip has made a huge difference. The biggest single diet thing for me that changed is eating more slowly, savouring food (even when it is “bad”).

    Good luck, take your time, don’t beat yourself up and enjoy great food as you do it.

  2. Beverley Hamilton
    7th May 2019

    Thanks for sharing William and I’m glad you’ve found a mechanism that works for you. I’m certainly making many more conscious choices and still sometimes those choices involve cake:)

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