Little Things 2

I’m practicing taking time to remember to be grateful for all that I have and I first shared some Little Things in April 

Here are some more things I’m grateful for today

Dinner with friends, good food and chat even Kahlua in coffee
Ski holidays planned we’re excited and ready
7 months to wait – it will come around soon
An evening of simple things

Thank You

A field of wheat and poppies gently dancing in the wind
Fluffy clouds in the sky will it bring on the rain
Bouncy dogs and plodding boots
Another day of simple things

Thank You

Singing to that song and remembering all the words
La la la ing who cares how it sounds
A juicy peach then a crisp Granny Smith
An abundant plate from the trees and the ground

Thank You

The simple things we often miss that make our days unique
The other things we make so key that leave us feeling bleak
Take time to look up and see what’s there
Take time to say thank you and maybe offer a prayer

What simple things can you appreciate and be grateful for today?

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