Little Things

A blackbird signalling a new day
Fresh, green buds along a hedgerow
The certainty and magic of a sunrise
A sense of gratitude for a sunset whose orange glow warms the end of the day

Thank You

The beauty of a single wild flower
“Hello, it’s me” on the end of a phone
The thrill of the biggest wave – safely through
A mug of hot chocolate after a morning’s skiing on an Austrian mountain

Thank You

The smoky smell and dancing sparks of a roaring bonfire
A mountain vista that stretches for miles and miles and miles and…
Perfectly smooth, creamy mashed potato
Unexpected treats and out of the blue surprises

Thank You

Our lives are often defined, determined and remembered by the big events.

Our lives can be enjoyed, appreciated and loved by noticing, relishing and breathing into those moments, experiences and things that show up all the time, yet are often unseen or acknowledged.

Some days, can we simply observe and be thankful for the little things – ever present or of fleeting appearance?

Life is good and I for one am thankful.

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