Midweek Musical Magic – Feeling Good

“Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze drifting on by you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s new life
And I’m feeling good”

My favourite version of Feeling Good written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, is that sung by Nina Simone.

For me this song has 2 connected meanings.

  1. There are many everyday things, especially in nature, that can help us feel good, if we take the time to look for and notice them.
  2. Each new day brings a new opportunity to decide how we want to feel.
  • The simple beauty of looking up and watching the symmetry to how a flock of birds connect as they journey across the sky.
  • The reassurance and wonder of knowing that every day the sun will rise and bring light to our day (whether we can see it or it is temporarily masked by clouds).
  • The quiet flow of a flow breeze that might cool us on a scorching, summer’s day.

Nature provides us with so much to feel good about.

Let’s be honest through, sometimes we have crappy days; days when we feel down, frustrated, under stress and can’t wait to pull up the duvet and hide.

Yet we also have days were we are full of life, enjoy every minute and feel fabulous – I especially love those kind of days.

Both types of day happen to us all.

And yet, I wonder…

  • Could we have more feeling good days?
  • What if every morning as we open our senses to a new dawn and a new day we consciously decide that this day is going to be wonderful – no matter what?
  • Could we create “Feeling Good” days irrespective of the events or people that could influence how we feel?
  • Could we say, “the sun is in the sky” my possibilities are endless and I choose to feel good?


  1. 24th April 2019

    Powerful questions! We have choice. I want to believe we have choice and are masters of our destiny and not victims of circumstance.
    Yet, also sometimes it’s tough. I’m thinking of chronic pain. My mom suffers with chronic pain. I get migraines more than I would like. And, I just went through a series of migraines pretty smoothly. I kept it “light,” didn’t get disgruntled, took my medicine and kept on trucking as best I could. I do believe I chose a “lighter” path. And, admittedly, it wasn’t a super bad string of headaches/migraines. Feels tougher then.
    I find the challenge the balance between knowing you always have choice AND being gentle and compassionate with ourselves when we just can’t seem to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and to let ourselves have time where we feel more down. There’s contrast in life and yin/yang, right?

  2. Beverley Hamilton
    25th April 2019

    Amy, indeed. Knowing we have a choice and being able to make that choice can be challenging and when pain is strong it can be even more difficult. I also agree that we can choose to be in our pain or our “crappy days” with conscious awareness and still – if we want- choose to just not feel good for awhile. And in doing so have a little self compassion through that choice until we feel able to mi enact into Feeling Good. Sorry to hear you have gone through a series of migraines- very unpleasant

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