Midweek Musical Magic – Roots

As I start to zoom in on what I truly love, want to be and want to do I’ve been revisiting my life to look for the threads. A song that embodies this is Roots, written by Ben Simonetti, Coy Bowles, Niko Moon and Zachry Brown and sung by the Zac Brown Band.

“My roots always keep me grounded
Roots, remind me where I’m from
Even when I’m a thousand miles away from my roots
I’m home”

My roots are firmly embedded in 3 main areas

  • The outdoors, travel, adventure and sport.
  • Education, learning and coaching
  • Seeking experiences of the mind, body and soul

These 3 threads are the inescapable truths that have guided my life and through which I have experienced enjoyment, pride, learning and moments of feeling in flow and peacefully content.

The more I search for more, different, next, the more I come back to the roots of these threads as the things that truly make my heart sing.

“Don’t give up
Hold on a little longer
What don’t kill you
Only makes you stronger”

I’m not sure why I still feel the urge to search for something else, when I already know in my heart that my roots are what will form or guide this next phase of my life.

All the things that I’ve experienced, pondered and endured over the last 2 years (this is how long my restlessness has been going on!) haven’t “killed me”. They have led me back to the roots I’ve been ignoring or overlooking and they will shape and strengthen the person I am becoming.

  • What are the threads that run through your life?
  • What do you keep coming back to?
  • Where do you turn for joy?
  • What are you seeking that’s already here?
  • How can you get back to your roots?

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