Midweek Musical Magic – The Best is Yet to Come

I’ve been blessed with many great experiences in my life. I’ve rafted and hiked in the Grand Canyon, I’ve skied in a range of beautiful ski resorts from Lech, Meribel and Val d’Isere in Europe to Big Mountain, Montana, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Vail and Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.

I’ve kayaked on amazing and scary rivers in France, Austria and Spain, hiked in stunning scenery in the Lake District, England and windsurfed in Cyprus.

I’ve eaten exquisite, 5* meals, fish and chips out of newspaper sat on a harbour wall and toasted marshmallows over a crackling campfire. I’ve slept under the stars and in luxurious resort beds. I’ve won awards and even gold medals and I’ve enjoyed moments of magic, fun and love with family and friends.

I’ve also suffered injuries, been near to death, tolerated really yucky illnesses and come through financial hardship. I’ve lost friends and family, been hurt emotionally and borne times of confusion, mild depression and worry.

All of these moments and experiences have created the person I am today: unique, perfectly imperfect and ready for what’s next.

What’s gone can be remembered, appreciated and learnt from and it doesn’t dictate, determine or assure whether the future will be the same or different.

I know there’s more to come, maybe even the best is yet to come? This is how I’m currently feeling and why I’ve chosen this song by Mike and The Mechanics – “The Best is Yet to Come” as this week’s Musical Midweek Magic

“Are there are days when you’re feeling, days when you’re feeling down?
And you’re looking for hope but hope cannot be found?
Are there nights when you’re falling, nights when you’re falling fast?
Can you take hold of my hand, let go of the past?
Can I take hold of your heart? That’s all I ask”

I’ve definitely been someone mostly guided by my rational, thinking pre frontal cortex, with frequent influences from my old cerebellum brain interrupted or diverted by the weird influences of my limbic system. In other words I’ve had a tendency to default to – I think, I feel and react – often unconsciously.

I’m really experimenting with feeling more with my heart and gut to create my future versus react to my circumstances – (hence why I’m doing the Wholehearted Challenge – read about it here and join me here) I truly believe that we create our own reality by what we think, feel and do, so I choose to be future oriented, be more courageous and open to explore the unknown without letting fear (too often) get in my way – at least to start with 😉

If it goes well, fantastic, and it may not and I’ll learn.

“If there’re times you’re the winner, times you’re the loser too.
Are there times when you question everything you knew?             
I don’t want you to give up don’t give up now.         
Can you just be true to yourself and make me proud?”

It can be tough when you’re having a crappy day, week, month or year and it can be really hard to focus on the future. But we all know deep within us that “this too shall pass”. I kept having to remind myself of that when I fractured my back in January. Now I’m on the way to full recovery and am going on a fitness retreat later this week to kick start the physical health path I want to be on.

“And if you say yeah
The future’s in your hands
The best is yet to come”

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