The Joy of Pretty Toes

Today, 12th March is my Mum’s birthday. Happy 86th birthday Mum – Love you.

My Mum loves to have the occasional manicure and pedicure. When she has a pedicure she says she has “pretty toes”.

I only have pedicures about 2-3 times a year and generally just before I go on holiday – it’s a wee treat.

So before my Grand Canyon trip last August, I made an appointment to have a manicure; short, tidy nails were essential with all the grime, sand and water my hands would endure. However, I did decide that I would have my wee treat of a pedicure. A few people said to me, the colour won’t last, it’s a waste of money etc. etc. but I really wanted “pretty toes”. As it happens, the colour lasted 3 ½ weeks with only minor chips and one big chip when I stubbed my toe on a big rock – ouch.

I felt good that amongst the beauty of nature I had 10 morsels of pretty!

So what’s that got to do with anything I hear some of you ask?

Well for me, 3 things.
1.    We always have a choice.
2.    Stand by your choice irrespective of the environment or other people’s opinions
3.    The smallest things we too often take for granted bring us joy

I’m sure, like me, you might have changed your clothes, hair, opinion, beliefs, actions or decisions based on a perception or belief that you need to because of

  • Environment – that’s not appropriate here.
  • People – I won’t fit on or they will think poorly of me etc.

The resulting changes or indecision caused by paying too muchattention too much of the time to the world outside of ourselves, can easily cause internal discomfort, sadness and in extreme cases, stress.

To be clear, I am NOT saying we should ignore others or our environment, but rather consider those things and make informed, conscious choices and decisions without fear based reasoning.

  • You might choose to compromise.
  • You might choose to engage in conversation to deepen your knowledge or understanding so you can indeed make an informed conscious decisions/choices.
  • You might choose to change you mind.
  • You might choose to stay with your original thinking or course of action.

As I said in my post – Exploration is the First Step to (Self) Discovery  – It’s OK to want what you want and be who you are and yes there might be consequences.

  • Your boss suggests your red suit wasn’t “appropriate” for that meeting with a new client and gives you a poor write up.
  • Your friends move on because you don’t want to go partying every Friday.
  • Your partner gets upset when you go for a weekend break on your own

However, I believe that if we live our lives giving in to the external world, all the time, we will at some point become unhappy. When all that we are and all that we believe is silenced, ignored or manipulated – we all lose.


Because we have each been created unique and special and given specific skills and talents to live OUR lives, with and in service to the World. We can only do that if we hold true to who we are and, as important, expect and help others to be true to who they are too.

So if you really want pretty toes – go get them.


  1. Jacqui
    14th March 2019

    I am throughly enjoying your blog, inspirational. I sent the two poems to my 15 year old daughter, in hope that she too takes on board all the meaning as I also try to do. Worrying about your back and hope that you’re mending. X

  2. Beverley Hamilton
    14th March 2019

    Jacqui, So happy you are enjoying the blog and finding it inspirational. I also hope your daughter will find meaning for her life in the poems. Back is mending slowly – bored with it all now – acceptance of that needed also x

  3. Helena Holrick
    18th March 2019

    I’m sat here reading this not only with pretty (red) toes, but also pretty red fingernails…. this is a new step up for me and I am beginning to realise just how much I a) talk with my hands (red swooshes past me randomly as I’m making some point!) and b) how different I feel when I have red toes and fingers…. It brings out a new piece in me, that somehow just is not there when I’m choosing to ‘hide’ from the world.

    I resonate so strongly with this. If you were not my friend already, on the back of these blogs I think I’d be searching out, or at a minimum start calling you my remote friend. !

    • Beverley Hamilton
      18th March 2019

      Helena – I so get the “hiding” from the world and bit by bit I am crawling out from my hiding places. Enjoy your red pretty fingers and toes:)

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